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We are dedicated to providing reliable and quality power, customer service, and pricing to our customers. We offer more than 60 pricing options to meet your business needs. Choose the pricing option that works best for your business.


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Rate Riders & Adjustments

A rate rider is a supplemental rate schedule that appends or modifies a rate schedule. Learn more

Rules & Regulations

View our business power rates and regulations to see how it impacts your business.

Bill Calculation Factors

Bill Calculation Factors consist of NDR and ECR.

Natural Disaster Reserve: (NDR) is designed to adjust monthly billings to address the financial impact attributed to certain natural disasters.

Energy Cost Recovery: (ECR) is the fuel charge, and is stated in mills/kwh. A mill is 1/10 of a cent; example: 29.689 mills = 2.9689 cents.

The following pdfs list the NDR and ECR rates for this year and previous years, for your reference: