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Alabama Power extending Lake Martin summer lake levels into October

Summer will last a little longer at Lake Martin, since Alabama Power is extending the lake’s summer pool for a few more weeks.

Usually, the water level at Lake Martin begins to lower around Sept. 1, reaching winter pool levels near mid-November. The lower lake level allows the reservoir to capture and store winter rains. The lake begins to rise in early spring, reaching full summer pool around the end of April. The fall drawdown will now begin Oct. 15.

Drawdowns offer property owners a chance to work on repairs and improvements to docks, ramps and other permitted construction projects. Residents interested in performing shorelines maintenance during the drawdown should apply for the necessary lakeshore-use permits now by visiting or calling the Shoreline Management Office at 256-825-0053.

As always, Alabama Power encourages people with boats and other water-related equipment and facilities to pay close attention to the changing conditions on the lake, remain mindful of personal safety and be prepared to take necessary steps to protect their property.

Weather conditions could affect this schedule. Lake elevations and projections are subject to change.