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Don Franklin has energized Alabama Power for 45 years

Don Franklin is an energizer. But in a few days he will be eligible to be an Energizer.

For 45 years, Franklin has worked and succeeded at several jobs at Alabama Power. His electric personality and true concern for others make him a natural ambassador inside and outside the company.

Since 2004, Franklin has worked with the Alabama Power Service Organization, the company’s volunteer service group, and the Energizers, the company’s retiree service organization. He currently holds the title of Energizers and Retiree coordinator with the Alabama Power Foundation.

But in a few days, this energizer will be able to become an actual Energizer as he retires from the company.

Let’s hear from Franklin as he shares his own story as only he can.

Don Franklin retiring from Alabama Power after 45 years from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.