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These mothers and children make working at Alabama Power a family affair

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, but it also recognizes a mother’s impact on her children and influence on society.

At Alabama Power, there is no better example of focusing on family than the stories shared by employees across the company’s service territory.

These stories from working mothers and their children demonstrate how mothers have not only touched the lives of their children, but also shaped the company and communities through meaningful service.

Katrina Davis, Customer Services specialist, Southern Division, Montgomery

Rodrey Davis, Customer Services representative, Southern Division, Montgomery

Katrina and Rodrey Davis. (contributed)

“It is an awesome experience to see your child follow in your footsteps. Most important to me, he enjoys working for the company just as much as I do. We both have a heart to serve others. Alabama Power has many opportunities to serve both the customer and the community. One of the greatest opportunities for us is that we are both active members of the Alabama Power Service Organization. I currently serve on the board and he has been an active member long before he became an employee.”


Barbara Exum, Retired, Senior Customer Services representative, Southeast Division

Tracy Dismukes, Business Office supervisor, Southeast Division, Headland

Tracy Dismukes and Barbara Exum. (contributed)

“I always knew I wanted to work at Alabama Power just like my mom. She is a people person, loved her customers and always talked about how special they were to her. I had the opportunity to help do part of her job while she was out having open heart surgery. As I was calling on some of her customers, I was amazed at how many people looked forward to her call each month. She developed a relationship with customers over the phone that was truly meaningful. I knew she loved her job, and I knew I would like it, too. I never even considered working anywhere else.”


Frances Lucas, Power Delivery specialist, Corporate Headquarters, Birmingham

Stevi Reese, Community Relations specialist, Western Division, Tuscaloosa

Stevi Reese and Frances Lucas. (contributed)

“I volunteered with the Alabama Power Service Organization to present Junior Achievement for Stevi’s younger sister while she was in elementary school. I took all three of my children to various APSO events where we worked together in service for communities and organizations in need. One memorable experience was shopping for Angel Tree toys. Stevi and her siblings were able to better understand all aspects of the opportunities at Alabama Power. Some experiences were on the job, some were in service of others and some were just plain fun!”

Leslie Sanders, Division vice president, Southern Division, Montgomery

Brittany Norman, Market specialist, Corporate Headquarters, Birmingham

Brittany Norman and Leslie Sanders. (contributed)

“Throughout my career, I have worked in the External Relations and Customer Service Organization. I had the opportunity to become the company’s first female lobbyist when Brittany was 3 years old. This move turned out to be a great decision as Brittany got to witness firsthand the leadership of a company who put family first while allowing our team to get the job done. This is the foundation that I believe our company is built upon and it is a joy to see that my daughter is now a part of carrying this on to the next generation.”


Freida Luster-Barregarye, Training instructor, Southern Division, Montgomery

Cindy Clem, Operations assistant, Southern Division, Montgomery

Cindy Clem and Freida Luster-Barregarye. (contributed)

“My mother and I have often had interactions with one another over the years. When I was a Quality Assurance specialist, I called her when I needed to confer on accounts and confirm the procedures to ensure that the feedback I provided to associates was correct. Now, I call her to ensure that the information I present in my training classes is current. I also lend a hand in taking calls to assist during large outages or high-volume times. She’s there to answer questions, schedule appointments for drop service or anything else I might need. Not many daughters are fortunate enough to work with their mothers like I am. Though we do not work in the same department, our interaction with each other has made meaningful memories. It’s really nice to work for a company where family is truly valued.”