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This Alabama Power unsung hero is shining a light for young men

Giving back to the community involves bringing people together and working toward a single cause.

Environmental Planner Jarvis Davis is lighting the way through the Mobile Chapter of Omega Lamplighters, an organization dedicated to helping high school students from Mobile develop their leadership skills to grow personally and professionally.

He acknowledges everyone doesn’t have structure in their lives. Through his work with the Lamplighters, he works to provide structure for young men.

“Some kids don’t come from a two-parent home, so it’s nice for them to have someone to talk to about life in general,” said Davis. “Having someone to talk to provides stability.”

Jarvis Davis is an Alabama Power Unsung Hero from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

They mentor young men on life skills such as what to wear to an interview, how to tie a tie, and how to be prepared for life. Davis hopes the next generation has more support and the tools needed for success after high school, so he wants to instill in them at an early age what he wasn’t exposed to.

Four years ago, when Davis heard about the volunteer opportunity with the Lamplighters, he thought it was an excellent way to point kids in a positive direction.

He wanted to give back, protect these students and steer them away from a negative environment.

The first group to go through the Lamplighters organization are now sophomores in college. They’ve been exposed to local companies to learn what it takes to get hired and the training required. The Lamplighters taught them there are jobs and opportunities for them in the Mobile area if they will train and apply themselves.

Lamplighters has volunteers from all walks of life – doctors, judges, coaches, utility workers – everyone offers their perspective.

In addition to his time with Lamplighters, Davis has volunteered with back-to-school programs, provided dinners for families during Thanksgiving, participated in toy drives during Christmas and coached youth baseball and football.

“He makes an impact,” said Garet Rutledge, Plant Barry environmental manager. “He is an outstanding employee. He excels in the community as well as at the plant.”

Alabama Power relies on a large team of dedicated employees to keep the plants running well. In his role as an environmental planner, Davis works with others to ensure smooth operations, performing troubleshooting tasks and making repairs.

“I am proud to be a part of a team dedicated not only to providing clean, safe, reliable power but also dedicated to preserving the environment where we all live and work,” said Davis. “Environmental stewardship is a hallmark of Alabama Power’s operations, and I appreciate all that our team does to ensure a thriving environment for generations to come.”