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Alabama Power’s Washington County Cogen Facility celebrates 25 years of excellence

The facility has been producing power since 1999.

Alabama Power’s Washington County Cogen Facility recently celebrated 25 years of successful power generation.

The cogeneration unit began commercial operation in February 1999 with Olin Corporation, a global manufacturer and distributor of chemical products.

Washington Cogen Assistant Plant Manager Matt Hornsby is proud of the team’s achievements over a quarter century.

He said Danny Bolerjack, the plant’s operations and maintenance manager, maintained a list of every person who worked at the plant since its start. The entire list was invited to the 25th anniversary celebration.

“We just wanted to recognize the great work that has been accomplished over the last 25 years,” Hornsby said.

A cogeneration plant gets its name from the way it operates. The Washington County facility not only generates energy; the steam it produces is repurposed for Olin to use in manufacturing its products.

Alabama Power’s Danny Bolerjack and Matt Hornsby at the 25th anniversary celebration. (Alabama Power)

The relationship between Washington County Cogen and Olin started back in the 1990s, and the two have been attached at the hip ever since. The two operations teams speak almost daily and have regular planning meetings. Indeed, visitors to Washington County Cogen drive onto Olin’s property to get to the facility.

There are 22 employees at Washington County Cogen, but the 25th anniversary celebration drew more than 60 guests with ties to the facility.

“To have 65 or 70 … attend the celebration shows the family atmosphere we have,” Hornsby said. He noted that, with such a small team operating the facility, “everyone knows everyone. We have a well-rounded group that when asked to do something, they will get it done.”

Of the original team from 25 years ago, three are still working at the facility: Journeymen Jim Eubanks and John Alexander, and Team Leader Freddie McLain. There’s also an Olin employee who started at the company’s Washington County plant and recently returned: Site Manager Jason Grimes.

“These guys have been here the entire time and have seen the work being done for so long. They helped set the culture 25 years ago that can still be seen today,” Hornsby said.

Alabama Power deploys a diverse mix of generating plants and fuel sources to meet the needs of customers. To learn more about the company’s generation fleet, click here.