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Celebrating spring: Alabama Power’s eco efforts

As the warm weather settles in and everything comes into bloom, Alabamians are ready to get outside and enjoy the lakes, rivers, preserves and other green spaces across the state. At Alabama Power, we are proud of our mission and responsibility to enhance and support our state’s natural environment. Here are some ways we work year-round to protect and preserve Alabama’s beauty…

We run eco-conscious programs, inviting everyone to get involved.

  • Around 30% of the electricity we generate comes from clean energy sources. The Clean Energy Select program, having just undergone a fresh new rebrand, is our way of making it easy to access that clean energy to fuel your home and business.
  • Renew Our Rivers is a national, award-winning program, started by Alabama Power in 2000, that has since grown into the largest river cleanup program in the nation. Over the last 25 years, more than 117,000 volunteers have come together to remove over 16 million pounds of trash and debris from our Southeastern waterways.

Our dedication to environmental stewardship is unwavering.

  • Our state boasts five distinct geological regions and profound species diversity. We continue taking steps to protect and enhance the habitats of critical species, which contribute to our state’s extraordinary biodiversity. 
  • We take great strides to protect the Tulotoma Snail, Rough Hornsnail, Flattened Musk Turtle, Bald Eagle, Longleaf Pine and Red-cockaded Woodpecker.

We manage our lakes and shorelines, so everyone can enjoy these outdoor spaces.

  • Our team of shoreline managers works closely with communities surrounding the reservoirs to protect and enhance the scenic, recreational and environmental resources these lakes offer, such as important aquatic plants that provide food and habitat for fish and other wildlife, stabilize sediments, reduce erosion and so much more.
  • We preserve and protect 120,000 acres of land, 13 reservoirs and 3,500 miles of shoreline. And we actively maintain around 70 free, public-use areas, offering boat launches, picnic spots, fishing piers, weigh stations, playgrounds, hiking trails and swimming holes.

We proudly take part in impactful partnerships.

  • Through the Longleaf Landscape Stewardship Fund partnership, we work to expand, enhance and accelerate longleaf pine ecosystem restoration throughout the Southeast.
  • By participating in the Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration partnership, we work to help develop nationwide community stewardship of local natural resources, preserving them for future generations and enhancing habitat for local wildlife. This effort also includes providing grants to address water quality issues in priority watersheds.
  • Through the Southeast Aquatics Fund, we work to help improve the health of aquatic systems and secure populations of native freshwater aquatic species by supporting voluntary watershed-based restoration and management projects within targeted river basins and watersheds in the Southeast.

This spring, find time to get outside and be inspired by everything Alabama has to offer. We invite you to join us in committing to the care of our great state. It’s important to remember that even little changes can make a big difference.


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