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Celebrating the team that generates more than power

We are excited to announce the first official Generation Appreciation Day on October 18th. This day marks a special moment to pause and honor the many men and women who work 365 days a year to generate the power that our customers demand.

When we talk about our generation team, that includes all employees working in our plants, dams and operating facilities. For more than a century, it is their individual and collective work that has developed and continues to support and operate our diverse energy mix, allowing us to leverage the strengths of multiple energy sources to provide a reliable supply of electricity.

This is the team that helps our crews keep the lights on. The team that researches and adopts new technologies to help meet Alabama’s energy demands now and for the future. The industry leaders who do whatever it takes to ensure we provide reliable power in even the most extreme conditions.

Chris Miller, plant manager at Plant Miller in Quinton, explains how his team’s devotion kept the power on for customers during 2022 Winter Storm Elliot.

“I spent the night before Christmas Eve at the plant monitoring how well our systems were handling the extreme cold and witnessed first-hand the amazing work our employees were performing,” Miller said. “Our team was working hard and responding quickly to equipment issues to ensure maximum reliability. It was one of the proudest moments of my career to be associated with this team of dedicated Alabama Power employees.”

The generation team also works to protect our natural resources by employing sustainable practices, such as carbon capture and storage, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as implementing initiatives to conserve water and protect biodiversity.

In addition, they began our Renew Our Rivers initiative back in 2000, which started as a small community cleanup organized by Plant Gadsden employees concerned over litter along the Coosa River.

Today, it has grown into one of the nation’s largest river cleanup programs.

“Our employees in generation are our most important asset, and their hard work and dedication have resulted in industry-leading reliability year after year,” says Brandon Dillard, senior vice president and senior production officer. “The commitment and hard work they demonstrate every day make me proud to be a part of this team.”

There is much to celebrate when it comes to our employees who work in generation. Together, let’s honor the team that generates so much more than power – for our company, our customers and the whole state.