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Clean Energy Select gives customers a direct path to renewable energy

Did you know that you have a choice when it comes to powering your home or business with renewable energy? With a new name and fresh rebrand, Clean Energy Select (formerly Greener State) is our renewable energy certificate program that puts the power into our customers’ hands – allowing you to tap into more renewable resources to cover your energy needs. Here’s a checklist for you to see if Clean Energy Select is right for you:

  • I want to take steps to lower my carbon footprint right at home. Clean Energy Select offers electricity fueled by energy generated from two existing solar locations in Alabama and wind farms in Kansas and Oklahoma. Solar energy and wind energy are generated through an emission-free process.
  • I’m looking for an easy and affordable way to participate in the clean energy realm. You can tailor your Clean Energy Select program to your budget and needs, starting at as low as just $5 a month. By purchasing renewable energy certificates (RECs) through the program, you can choose whether all or part of your home or business is being powered by renewable energy sources.
  • I want to choose exactly how I use clean energy to power my properties. Clean Energy Select offers various options for residential and commercial customers. You can choose to power your residence or your business – or both – with clean energy. And you can choose which plan works best for your plans. 
  • I don’t want to have to purchase or install any new equipment in my home. With Clean Energy Select, you don’t need to make any changes at home. By purchasing RECs, we’ve got you covered. Each REC ensures 1,000 kWh of your electrical usage will be powered by 100% renewable resources.

Around 30% of Alabama Power’s energy is generated by clean energy sources. Now you can get even more clean energy for your home or business with our Clean Energy Select Renewable Energy Certificate program.  

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