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National Customer Service Week: Alabama Power uses online tools to communicate with customers

It’s hard to imagine a world without the internet, social media or even email. For many of us, the way we communicate, seek assistance and find new information looks very different than it did several years ago, thanks to online technology.

For Alabama Power’s customer service team, leveraging new technology to better serve customers is a priority, and keeping up with strategies to better use this technology is a full-time job.

Meet Angel Johnson-Everett, one of the faces behind Alabama Power’s online customer support.

Johnson-Everett began her career at Alabama Power in 2012 and now serves as a senior online support associate. While based in the Montgomery office, Johnson-Everett reaches customers across the state through the company’s online platforms. Johnson-Everett communicates with customers through the company’s online customer service channels, including email, online chat and social media.

“Providing online support for our customers is critical because it provides a unique experience for our customers,” said Johnson-Everett.

The use of online tools for customer service continues to grow each year. Alabama Power’s online customer care team assisted customers through 231,000 emails, social media, faxes and online chat contacts in 2020 alone.

Not only does Johnson-Everett enjoy helping customers through convenient online tools, but she shares the added value of offering alternatives to a diverse customer base.

“One of the biggest things our customers like to have is options,” said Johnson-Everett. “Having those channels created allows us to be personal with our customers and also provide a different experience.”

Johnson-Everett is one of many customer care team members who make a difference daily at Alabama Power. Join us in celebrating National Customer Service Week from October 4-8, a time set aside to celebrate customer service across many industries in the United States and around the world.