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Valley is home to Camellia Crossing, Alabama’s first rural Smart Neighborhood

Residents in Valley now have a smarter, energy-efficient neighborhood to call home. Built by Holland Homes, Camellia Crossing is the first rural Smart Neighborhood community in Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood Builder Program, and the second Smart Neighborhood built by Holland Homes.

Camellia Crossing is a continuation of how the city of Valley is revitalizing and building growth opportunities for the future. The neighborhood of 28 single-family homes is Phase 1 of what will be a 350-plus home development around a vibrant community center with restaurants, coffee shops, parks and an amphitheater.

“The city of Valley is going to grow because of this subdivision,” said Valley Mayor Leonard Riley. “We have been blessed that the first rural Smart Neighborhood sits right here in Valley. It takes everybody to make this work; we are going to do our part, our partners are going to do their part and our community is going to do their part to see this grow.”

Camellia Crossing is an Alabama Power Smart Neighborhood from Alabama NewsCenter on Vimeo.

With the neighborhood’s official launch in May, it is illuminating to see the multiyear journey that made Camellia Crossing a reality. After devastating job losses from textile mills closing over a decade ago, the city of Valley has been weaving itself back together, becoming stronger than ever. New industry and booming job growth is bringing new opportunities to the city, yet city leaders recognized the need for high-quality housing to support the influx of new growth.

The process began in 2019 when the team at the Chambers County Development Authority (CCDA) began researching possible threats that could stall economic growth. From conversations with local real estate agents, the CCDA realized that a lack of housing could be a barrier to moving forward. The CCDA engaged with the team at Alabama Power and through that partnership, the connection with Holland Homes was made.

“At the Chambers County Development Authority, our team is results-driven. We challenge each other to provide resources and opportunities to our community, which is why we have aggressively pursued bringing quality, affordable housing options to our area,” said Executive Director Valerie Gray. “Camellia Crossing is proof that our efforts are paying off. Thanks to our incredible partners at Alabama Power, the city of Valley and Holland Homes, Chambers County is now home to the first rural Smart Neighborhood in the state. I know that it is just another of many more great opportunities to come in our community.”

Leaders from Holland Homes, CCDA, the city of Valley, the Greater Valley Area Chamber of Commerce and Alabama Power gathered May 27 to celebrate the launch of the neighborhood.

“We are proud to partner with Holland Homes, the Chambers County Development Authority, the city of Valley and the Greater Valley Area Chamber of Commerce to make energy-efficient living a reality for Valley residents through the construction of Camellia Crossing,” said Ken Novak, vice president of Alabama Power’s Southeast Division. “Alabama Power established the Smart Neighborhood Builder Program as a way to partner with builders on energy-efficient features to help our customers take control of their energy usage.”

Camellia Crossing homes are 50% more efficient than a typical existing home, leading to more energy savings and lower operating costs for homeowners. The homes will achieve a certified Home Energy Rating System Index (HERS) score of 65 or lower, while a typical resale home represents 130 on the HERS Index. The lower the HERS rating, the more energy efficient.

The homes are built with advanced energy-efficient building features including:

  • high-SEER heat pump.
  • high efficiency heat pump water heater.
  • higher R-value wall, roof and floor insulation.
  • Energy Star appliances.
  • Electric vehicle charger plug.

Additionally, each home is equipped for more comfortable, convenient and connected living through smart home packages, home automation and smart security systems. Chorus Smart Secure will outfit all homes with the Connected Home Package, which features smart products to make the homes more connected and secure:

  • Sonos One with Alexa/Google Assistant
  • Honeywell T-6 smart thermostat.
  • outdoor camera.
  • smart door lock.
  • lamp modules.
  • smart switches.
  • door sensors.
  • smoke detector.
  • motion detector.
  • carbon monoxide detector.

Holland Homes was the first builder to partner with Alabama Power for the Smart Neighborhood Builder Program when it launched in 2018. The program promotes energy efficiency through collaboration with homebuilders to build energy-efficient homes that feature advanced energy products and home automation.

“At Holland Homes, our vision it to build communities that provide homes people will live and thrive in,” said Holland Homes Owner and Managing Member Daniel Holland. “We know Camellia Crossing will do that. There are so many reasons for Valley to be proud of what they have accomplished and we are glad that Camellia Crossing will have a part in that.”

Camellia Crossing continues the momentum of Valley’s growth and the Smart Neighborhood Builder Program. It is the seventh Smart Neighborhood community to be built across the state.

Through the Smart Neighborhood Builder Program, Alabama Power partners with homebuilders across the state to build all-electric, energy-efficient homes that can conserve, manage and monitor energy use through technology.

“Camellia Crossing is an exciting new chapter for the Smart Neighborhood Builder Program,” said Tony Smoke, senior vice president of Marketing and Economic Development at Alabama Power, “This is one of the many ways we at Alabama Power want to see the future of energy efficiency and technology become a reality today.”

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