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5 tips to up your energy-savings game this fall

Fall is officially here. The crisp air is chasing away the humidity. School is back in session. The leaves will soon start turning. And there’s a big game every weekend. It’s the season of change.

And in that spirit, we’re kicking off the season with these five game-changing tips to help you stay energy efficient.

  1. Whether at a tailgate or indoors, soak up that natural sunlight. Now that we’re looking to conserve heat in the cooler months, leave your curtains and blinds open to allow sunlight to help warm your home during the afternoon, saving energy.

  2. You call the shots. Sweater weather doesn’t just have to be for the outdoors. Keep your wool, your cashmere, or your light layers on indoors so you can lower your thermostat, stay warm and save energy. Not to mention, who doesn’t love an excuse to wrap up in a cozy sweater?

  3. Football and friends are even better with a good fire; just don’t forget to close the damper. Hot air can escape your home when the damper is open, making your thermostat work harder. Try to get in the habit of opening and closing your damper when using the fireplace. Another pro tip? Schedule a chimney maintenance service before lighting the first fire of the season.

  4. Stay on the ball with the changing season and set your thermostat accordingly. It’s Alabama, so there’s a good chance you will experience several seasons in one day. It may feel like fall in the morning and summer in the afternoon. Make sure you set your thermostat accordingly, so you save throughout the day and during those temperature swings.

  5. Make a game plan after taking inventory of your home’s energy efficiency. Fall is that sweet spot of the year when you can run your heating and cooling unit less often. It’s also the perfect time to check your home for drafty areas or spaces that could use a little sprucing up to make them more energy efficient. Take advantage of this season to prepare your home for colder temps ahead, so you can continue to save into the winter months.

Get more energy-saving tips and learn about programs we offer to help you up your energy efficiency game. And check out the My Power Usage tool to help you track your energy usage on the daily!