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Four reasons to track your power usage

Are you looking for ways to save money and the planet? Setting up alerts with My Power Usage tools can help you reduce your electricity bills, improve your home's energy efficiency and live more sustainably. 

There are four ways tracking your electricity use helps you reduce your electricity bills and energy consumption. 

1. Helping you discover high-energy appliances.
You may notice spikes on your usage graph when you used appliances such as a tumble dryer or washing machine. Seeing these spikes can help you be more mindful about using those appliances and develop solutions to reduce the impact on your energy bill. For example, you may be able to reduce the energy costs of running your washer and dryer by washing and drying larger loads of laundry.

2. Reminding you to turn off the lights.
Is your energy usage surprisingly high when you are away from home? This may signal that you accidentally leave lights or electronics on when you are away. Power alerts can be a good reminder to switch off the lights or turn off the television before heading out the door. We also recommend turning off computers, video game consoles and power strips when you aren't using them.

3. Monitoring your HVAC costs.
Heating and cooling can account for up to 50% of your energy usage. So it's no wonder many families and couples debate the best temperature to set on the thermostat! Monitoring your power usage may help settle that debate. For a month, try setting the thermostat at 68 degree F when it's cold out and 78 degree F when it's warm. Then, use the power usage graph to compare your energy usage before and after to determine if this change helps lower your monthly bill. 

4. Prompting you to make energy-saving changes. 
Tracking your powering usage with My Power Tools can help you determine what appliances, electronics, or habits have the greatest impact on your electricity bill. It may also be a catalyst that prompts you to make energy-saving changes. For example, it may help you see the benefit of switching to LED lights, investing in a smart thermostat or replacing an old appliance with a new energy-efficient model

Monitoring your electricity use with My Power Usage tools is a simple and effective way to help you manage your utility bills and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. As habit researcher Gretchen Rubin has observed, "We manage what we monitor." Our My Power Usage tools—from alerts to graphs to project electric service bills—are designed to help you manage your energy consumption to fit your budget and lifestyle.

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