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How to save energy during this holiday season

  1. Deck the halls with LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights (OR Deck the halls with LED fairy lights). 
    LED lights use 90% less electricity than incandescent Christmas lights. Although they are more expensive than regular lights, the small price difference is quickly made up with longer-lasting lights and energy savings.  
  2. Going to bed? Unplug the décor. 
    When you are getting ready to catch some z’s, turn off the lights and the Christmas tree. Leaving them on for extended periods will increase your energy bill. You can also purchase lights with a timer that will automatically cut off.  
  3. ‘Tis the season for electronic gifts, so give smart ones.  
    Purchase Energy Star-Certified Gifts for your friends and family. This includes televisions, gaming devices, and headphones.  ENERGY STAR designs their products to help you save energy without sacrificing performance. 
  4. Dreaming of a perfect setting? 
    Invest in a smart thermostat that will automatically lower temperatures when it is time to sleep.  
  5. Bake Santa’s cookies energy efficiently.  
    When cooking multiple dishes for the holiday, utilize the oven's energy to bake multiple dishes at once.  
  6. Keep the lids on your dish.    
    Keeping a lid on your dish while cooking saves 10% of energy by continuing to cook the food and keeping moisture in. This will save you time and energy. 

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