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Introducing Positive Energy, an energy savings podcast

Introducing Positive Energy Podcast

How can saving energy and learning more about yourself be connected? More than you may think. 

We are happy to present, in partnership with Southern Living Inspired CommunitiesPositive Energy, a new podcast that delves into these connections. 

The conversational podcast, hosted by Monica McShan, features 20-minute interviews with experts in home building, design, wellness and lifestyle topics to bring listeners actionable advice about our homes and ourselves. Learn style tips to refresh your home, energy savings tips to help your wallet, and life tips that make you a better you.

With a fresh format and guests from organizations and companies across the country, the eight-episode lineup will drop a new installment each Wednesday, October 12 through November 30. 

The first episode, When Our Thermostats Lead to Thermospats, spotlights Dondra Goldsby, Resilient Life Counseling, and Tyson Brown, Google Nest, as they discuss smart thermostat technologies and how to address the age-old household dispute over what temperature is most comfortable.

Tune in here, or via your preferred podcast platform (available on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts or Amazon Music).