Looking for fun and educational ways to keep kids learning and engaged at home? Meet Louie the Lightning Bug. Take advantage of his free interactive activities, designed for the whole family to enjoy.




Activity Sheets

Crossword Puzzle

Be an Energy Detective

Energy-Saving Maze

Math with Louie

How Electricity is Produced

Louie’s Scrabble



Coloring Sheets

Wash Your Hands

Future Energy Expert

Louie’s Electric Universe

Energy-Saving Actions

Danger Sign

Louie the Lightning Bug


Learn energy-efficiency tips and be the first in your family to finish a pattern on your Bingo card.

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Electric Universe

Play games, enjoy more activities from Louie and find educational resources for older students. 

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Video Lessons with Louie 

Watch as Louie shares safety tips and explains the dangers around electricity.



Louie's Electrical Lessons

Join Louie the Lightning Bug® and Lenny as they give lessons in electrical safety. 



Play it Safe Around Electricity!

Louie the Lightning Bug® explains electrical safety.



Louie® Downed Lines

Louie the Lightning Bug® explains the dangers of downed power lines.



Louie® Obey the Signs

Louie the Lightning Bug® asks everyone to obey all safety signs.