What is Safe-T-Opolis?

Safe-T-Opolis is a FREE interactive program presented by specially trained Alabama Power employees. The program includes an introductory video, a demonstration using 11,000 volts of electricity and concludes with a Q&A section for the students.

Safe-T-Opolis programs last about 45 minutes and can be presented at any date and time that is convenient for the teacher.  The program meets educational standards for fourth-graders in Alabama and is endorsed by the state Board of Education.



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Electricity is an important part of daily life. It makes our lives more comfortable and our jobs easier. In fact, we sometimes take electricity for granted and forget it is a powerful force with the potential to cause serious injury and sometimes even death.

Electricity is smart and fast — it travels at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second, which means there are no second chances. So we want you to be safe around electricity the first time.

Our Safe-T-Opolis program can help you learn more about staying safe around electricity, so please schedule your presentation today!

For more information call 1-800-806-SAFE or e-mail us.


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High voltage safety program for first responders.