Outages & Storm Center


After the Storm

A strong storm can cause widespread damage and power outages. Our restoration team works hard to make your outage as brief as possible. Learn how to stay safe and what you can do while recovery is underway.



Best Safety Practices

The storm may be over, but you may still be feeling its effects. Stick to these best practices to continue to ensure safety until restoration from the storm is complete.

  • If your power goes out, turn off appliances to avoid any potential safety hazards when power is restored.
  • Stay away from downed lines. Do not drive over lines or under low-hanging lines. Always assume power lines are energized.
  • Keep children and pets away from downed lines.
  • Stay clear of areas with fallen trees or limbs where downed lines may be hidden.
  • Exercise caution near chain link fences. Dangerous lines may touch the metal.
  • Avoid stepping in puddles and standing water after a storm as they may be touching hidden, downed power lines and be electrified.
  • DO NOT attempt to remove tree limbs or anything else caught in power lines. Call us at 1-800-888-2726 or contact a local law enforcement agency if downed lines are spotted.
  • DO NOT attempt to make repairs to Alabama Power equipment. Call 1-800-888-2726 and wait for our trained work crews to get there to perform the potentially dangerous work. 
  • Stay away from areas where repair crews are working. If you’re driving near work crews, obey road signs and proceed cautiously.
  • Please be patient. Our crews work as fast as safety allows. Before neighborhood lines can be repaired, crews must first repair larger lines that bring in power.



Meter Box Damage

It’s very important to understand an essential fact about your meter box – this important part of your electric system does NOT belong to Alabama Power.

The meter box belongs to the customer. If it’s damaged by weather or by any kind of accident, repair is the customer’s responsibility. Alabama Power cannot, by regulation, connect power to a damaged meter box.

You can feel tremendous frustration at this restriction. It’s understandable – after anxious hours waiting for power to be restored, who wouldn’t be frustrated by an even longer wait?

Still, if your meter box (or the pole on top of it) is damaged, a professional electrician must repair it to code before we’re allowed to restore your service.