You’ve got the power to take charge of your monthly bill.

With so many uncertainties each month, how would you like a predictable-to-the-penny* power bill? Introducing FlatBill. It’s great for take-charge types like you who don’t want fluctuations in their bill from month-to-month.

With FlatBill, you can streamline payments and get peace of mind knowing that you’ll get a fixed monthly bill with a rate determined by your prior usage.

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call 1-877-FLATBIL (352-8245)  
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Important things to know about FlatBill:


What is FlatBill?

Family Dwelling Flat Bill is an optional residential rate plan available to qualified customers. This plan offers a contracted fixed bill amount for a 12-month period based on your previous year's history at your current location.

Your FlatBill amount includes additional charges to cover changes in usage, variations in weather conditions, and other factors that could affect the cost of providing electric service to you. This amount may be more than what you would pay under your existing rate plan. Overall, you’ll get a simple, predictable monthly bill with no surprises for a full year.

What are the benefits of FlatBill?

With FlatBill, you receive predictable-to-the-penny bills for 12 months.

What happens if I go on FlatBill and want to switch back to my previous plan?

You can withdraw from the FlatBill plan at any time. If you choose to withdraw before the end of the 12-month agreement, you will pay any difference between the amount paid on the FlatBill plan and the amount that would have been paid on the standard residential rate. No refunds or bill credits will be provided if the amount paid on the FlatBill plan is greater than the amount you would have paid on the standard residential rate. Alabama Power will notify you of a new FlatBill offer at the end of the 12-month agreement, and you will automatically be re-enrolled in a new 12-month agreement unless you request otherwise within 30 days.

What are the eligibility requirements for FlatBill?

You must be at your current residence and in good financial standing with Alabama Power over the previous 12 months. See tariff for full terms and conditions.

Keep It Convenient

Set your payment for the year and forget about it.

Change Your Focus

Give attention to other areas of your life now that you know your monthly payment.

Enjoy Every Season

Eliminate changes in your bill due to the season and weather patterns.


Your calculated FlatBill amount is subject to possible tax adjustments. See FlatBill tariff for full terms and conditions.