Time Advantage Rates

Time Advantage Overview

What Is Time Advantage?

Time Advantage is a billing rate that is measured according to the time of day, season and amount of electricity you use at one time. Just like the standard billing rate we offer, Time Advantage also includes a monthly base charge in addition to the charge you incur for the amount of energy you use.

In addition, Time Advantage offers economy pricing periods. Economy pricing periods are times when electricity usage is typically at its lowest, specifically - evenings, nights and weekends. Time Advantage makes it possible for you to benefit from these times when the costs can be lower than the standard rate. Economy pricing periods can affect about 90 percent of the hours of energy you use in a year.

Time Advantage Pricing Hours


The best way to benefit from Time Advantage and the economy pricing periods is by shifting electricity use to these times when the energy costs are lower. Shifting electricity can help you save annually on your power bill.

With the Time Advantage rate plan, we have two rate plan options to choose from. Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle and gives you the opportunity to save money and energy.

Time Advantage-Energy

Time Advantage-Demand

Have more questions about our Time Advantage Rate plan? Visit our Time Advantage Frequently Asked Questions.


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