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Warm Weather Tips

Keeping it cool when warmer weather arrives doesn’t have to require a lot of energy. Use these simple tips to set your home up to be more energy efficient.

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Set it and forget it.
We recommend 78° in the summer.

Use your exhaust fan
to remove heat when cooking.

Do activities in the coolest part of the day,
like washing and drying clothes.

Set ceiling fans to run counterclockwise 
to help cool rooms.

Ensure air conditioning vents are clear and opened to full capacity.

Get your air conditioning unit serviced to ensure it’s working efficiently.

Clean the range-hood grease filter to ensure proper ventilation.

Vacuum refrigerator condenser coils to improve efficiency.

Remember that dark colors absorb heat. You can repel excess heat by using light-colored blinds, shades and draperies on the sunny sides of the house. Make sure the draperies are insulated or lined.

Use natural lighting early in the day and late in the afternoon to reduce your energy usage.

Use ventilated awnings and other shading devices to prevent heat from entering windows exposed to direct sunlight.

Hang your laundry outside to dry. By not running your dryer all the time, you are reducing energy usage and possibly adding more years to this major appliance.

Use a bathroom exhaust fan or open a window to remove heat and moisture when the bathroom door is closed. This spares the air conditioner extra work.

Don't let your kitchen exhaust fan run more than 15 minutes, or it will be taking out conditioned air.


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