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Save energy and money by following our simple tips. It doesn’t take much to notice a big difference.


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How We Provide Reliable Service

Providing our customers reliable service is a top priority, which is why we’ve invested time and resources into award-winning technology solutions that have led to fewer outages and shorter restoration times for our customers. It’s also why we have a 99.98% reliability rating.

During an outage, our system can sense the location of the outage, automatically reroute power and restore service to our customers. In situations where power cannot automatically be restored, this technology helps identify trouble spots on the grid, allowing to efficiently deploy our crews and drone technology to these areas so that they can assess the situation and restore service as quickly as possible.

Grid resiliency and security
Smart grid technology and enhanced security through wirelines radar technology provides increased efficiency as well as physical and cyber-security.

Maintaining the system
Our team regularly inspects our equipment, including the utility lines and poles that deliver power to your home, ensuring they can withstand severe weather to prevent outages.