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We know how important having the right infrastructure in place can be for Alabama's economic growth and our goal of delivering reliable electricity. By focusing on ways to build a stronger communication network for all parts of our state, we are helping communities and businesses live and work smarter. 

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Rural Programming

We believe every Alabamian deserves access to high-speed internet. Currently, nearly one million Alabamians do not have access to broadband service. Of that total, 83 percent reside in rural areas of the state. Through our infrastructure and power grid, we are working with those communities and internet carriers to provide opportunities for equal digital access and better quality of life.  

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Smart Cities

By improving connectivity and incorporating smart technology applications, we are helping our communities become more inclusive and sustainable.

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Telecom Colocation

Telecom Colocation

Discover how our towers and transmission structures are supporting efforts to develop smart cities.

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