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Rural Programming

According to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), nearly one million Alabamians — 20 percent of the state’s population — currently do not have access to broadband service. Of that total, 83 percent live in rural areas of the state. We are working to shrink this number.

Wi-Fi Solutions

We work with municipalities and other organizations to offer turnkey public Wi-Fi solutions, so communities have greater access to broadband in public areas. We can assist with design, equipment selection, procurement and purchase, installation and maintenance, as well as managing all aspects of the system.  

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Fibre optics, computer illustration.

Fiber Infrastructure

Fiber deployment is essential to enhancing communication networks in both rural and urban communities across our state. Fiber serves as an important backbone for a more robust broadband service. It helps bridge the digital divide in areas with less resources for high-speed internet. With our fiber infrastructure in place, we can help provide communities with more opportunities for access to telemedicine, education and more. 


Broadband Partnerships

With our fiber infrastructure, we are also able to build partnerships with internet service providers to help meet communication needs across our state. Whether it's to expand broadband services or improve point-to-point communications between buildings and businesses, our infrastructure can support those efforts securely and reliably. 

Rural Programming Broadband
Broadband Jasper

Jasper Rural Broadband Expansion

In a one-of-a-kind partnership with C-Spire, our infrastructure is being used to support a variety of IoT offerings from the service provider to the community of Jasper.

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