Industrial Rates

Alabama Power is a leader in reliability and customer service, and we take a considered approach to pricing and rates.

Industry Rates & Pricing

Tireless efforts by our workforce have made Alabama Power a national leader in both maintaining service and restoring service that has been lost. Due to this, 99% of the time our customers are getting the energy they need.

Powering Alabama’s Economy

We’ve been dedicated to Alabama’s economic development for more than a century. Visit Amazing Alabama to learn more about why Alabama is the best location for your business and how we can help your business grow.

Rate Riders & Adjustments

A rate rider is a supplemental rate schedule that appends or modifies a rate schedule. Learn more

Rules & Regulations

View our industrial power rates and regulations to see how it impacts your industry.  

Bill Calculation Factors

Bill Calculation Factors consist of NDR and ECR.

Natural Disaster Reserve: (NDR) is designed to adjust monthly billings to address the financial impact attributed to certain natural disasters.

Energy Cost Recovery: (ECR) is the fuel charge, and is stated in mills/kwh. A mill is 1/10 of a cent; example: 29.689 mills = 2.9689 cents.

The following pdfs list the NDR and ECR rates for this year and previous years, for your reference: