Industrial Renewables

Renewables are our past, present, and future.

Alabama Power has been a champion of renewable energy from the beginning. Our first power plant project was the Lay Dam, constructed to generate hydroelectric energy from Alabama’s vibrant river systems. Founders William Patrick Lay and James Mitchell had a forward-thinking vision that still resonates with us today.

Renewable energy is generated from a number of different naturally replenishing resources. Hydroelectric energy is generated by flowing water. Solar energy is collected from the sun. Biomass energy is generated by organic matter.

Renewables are clean, environmentally safe and affordable energy sources and provide a significant amount of the world’s electricity.

Alabama Power hydro dams typically account for 5% to 8% total power generation, impound more than 157,000 acres of water, and provide energy for 400,000 homes.

Renewable Energy at Alabama Power

Alabama Power was founded on renewable energy. Our first generating plant project, Lay Dam, opened in 1912 and was the first of 14 hydro plants to be built on Alabama water sources. Here are just some of the ways Alabama Power remains committed to renewable energy today:

  • 400,000 homes get electricity from 157,000 acres of water at Alabama Power hydroelectric dams. Typically, 5% to 8% of Alabama Power’s total power generation comes from hydroelectric generation
  • Alabama is a leader among utilities in implementing renewable energy programs to provide solar energy to customers who want to drive development of new resources without requiring subsidies from other customers.
  • Greener State, our Renewable Energy Credits (REC) program for customers who wish to buy green energy.
  • 10+ years of experience with biomass energy
  • Alabama Power led the pack in the southeast, being the first to complete major purchases from out-of-state wind farms.

More information on renewable permits is available.

Renewable Credits

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Our Commitment to Renewables

Since day one Alabama Power has understood the value renewable energy has to offer, both for our present and our future. Let’s take a look at how we are investing in clean energy solutions both at home and out-of-state.

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We understand the value of renewable energy, and we remain committed to exploring and developing our natural clean energy resources.

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