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The heat is on: 13 energy-saving tips for an Alabama summer

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy – and saving energy should be, too. In the spirit of slowing down and relaxing this season, here are 13 ways to save energy without breaking a sweat in the heat and humidity of a Southern summer:

Run your dishwasher at night.

Save energy by running your dishwasher after dark, when it’s cooler outside. A good way to remember: Hit the start button right before bed, and you’ll wake up with clean dishes in the morning.

Wait for a full load of laundry.

Running your washing machine uses a lot of energy, so wait until you have a full load. It’s also the perfect excuse to put it off another day.

Unplug and give your appliances a rest.

Did you know that your TV, your home office equipment, and your kitchen appliances are all using power, even when they’re turned off or not being used? This summer, cut down on wasted energy by unplugging appliances between uses.

Keep your kitchen, and your home, cooler this summer by running the dishwasher after the sun goes down. (Getty Images)

Close your curtains and take a catnap.

During the day, close your curtains to block out heat-producing rays and keep your house cooler. Choose shades, blinds and curtains that are light in color to reflect the heat.

Weatherproof now and take it easy.

Weatherproofing your home isn’t just for winter. By sealing up air leaks, you can save your air conditioner a whole lot of extra work.

Let your smart thermostat do the work.

Forgot to bump up the temperature before you left on vacation? At work and just realized your AC is on full power? Use a smart thermostat, so you can adjust it from anywhere, at any time. That’s summertime freedom.

Keep the shades closed during hot, sunny summer days. (Getty Images)

Don’t make your chargers work overtime.

Charging your phone or other devices overnight not only uses far more energy than necessary; it can also wear out the battery. Charge for a couple of hours during the day and unplug at night.

Assume the off position.

Embrace the long days of natural light this summer and turn off lamps and ceiling lights where they aren’t needed. It’s a good tip to teach your kids, too!

Skip complicated dinners and fire up the grill.

Using your oven or stove not only takes a lot of energy, it also raises the temperature in your home, making your AC work harder to keep you cool. Instead, get outside and fire up the grill with friends and family. That’s more fun anyway, right?

Turn a fan on, feel the temperature drop, relax.

Did you know that by using a fan alongside your AC, you can bump up the thermostat 4 degrees without feeling a difference in comfort? Fans also use far less energy than your air conditioning. But don’t forget to kill the fan when you leave the room. Fans cool people, not rooms, by creating a wind-chill effect.

Replace your air filter and breathe easy.

When you regularly replace your air filter or clean it, you improve the air quality in your space, and you take pressure off your AC, saving energy. Talk about a win-win.

Choose LED: do less, more efficiently.

Did you know that LED bulbs use at least 75% less energy than conventional ones? They also last much longer. A great way to brighten your day.

Let someone else do the math.

Are you hanging on to an old refrigerator or freezer? Check out the Energy Star Flip Your Fridge Calculator to estimate how much money you could save by flipping it for a newer, more efficient Energy Star model.

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A few easy moves can help you save on energy this summer. (Getty Images)