See our advances in technology + nature

Renewable Energy

We were founded on hydro energy, and remain dedicated to researching and identifying cost-effective, renewable resources. Our customers can help support the expansion of renewable energy by signing up for our optional, Renewable Energy Certificate program.

Renewable Energy Certificates

We launched a renewable energy certificate program, Greener State, to make powering your home with renewable energy easy and affordable for you. Learn more.

Hydro Energy

Hydro runs deep with us, providing 6 percent of our energy, and we're seeking even greater efficiency in our dams. Learn more.

Solar Energy

We have added solar facilities to our fleet, and buy back excess solar power from customers. Learn more.

Wind Energy

We’re a leader among Southeast utilities in purchasing energy from wind farms. Learn more.

Biomass Energy

Not only do we purchase biomass energy, we have conducted research on biomass options. Learn more.

Geothermal Energy

We're helping customers learn about geothermal heat pumps, and we're partnering on other projects. Learn more.